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Here KJs can change the hours or days that karaoke is conducted in a venue or add a new venue. The KJ can also delete the listing if karaoke is no longer conducted there.  Only the KJ (venue owner) can edit their respective listing(s) as they're the only ones with the username and password that can access that listing. Contests and Website urls can also be listed and the details can be edited as well. KJ tools is simple to register for ..Click Here

Sample of KJ area and edit form below.
Add a listing

(KJ would click on this link to add a new listing)

The Current venues where you're conducting karaoke listed below. To edit or change click on the link 



The Karaoke Shack Edit Delete


Bob's Grill & Bar Edit Delete


Music Lounge Edit Delete

Clicking on Edit above brings you to the form below
Edit your Venue Details
Venue Details
Venue's Name  address
Location tips city
state    country  postal code
phone days/hours
KJ Host url Contest Details
Venue's url

After submitting your changes you can go to the map, click on your state and see the changes you made immediately take place.